Security & Compliance

Protect Your Customers & Your Business

As a merchant, you are required to adhere to specific Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). Since these standards change often and requirements vary by the size of your business, our team of professional security experts are here to help stay current while avoiding penalty fines and security breaches.


PCI Compliance

Get the PCI tools you need to stay compliant with card payments.



Learn how to accept card chip payments and minimize EMV fraud liability.


Risk Tools

Discover new ways to ensure more successful transactions and minimize fraudulent ones.

Credit Card Interchange Cost!

Risk Free Merchant is on a mission to help you eliminate the burden of the cost of accepting credit cards! Our Dual Pricing program offsets these costs, by providing a discount for customers who pay in cash. Sign up is easy; display signage in your store, and there's no line item on the receipt.

You don't need to be approved! An addendum is added, your program updated and done. That simple!

*Equipment & monthly fees not included.