Pay Zero with Dual Pricing

Credit Card Interchange Cost!

Risk Free Merchant is on a mission to help you eliminate the burden of the cost of accepting credit cards! Our Dual Pricing program offsets these costs, by providing a discount for customers who pay in cash. Sign up is easy; display signage in your store, and there's no line item on the receipt.

You don't need to be approved! An addendum is added, your program updated and done. That simple!

*Equipment & monthly fees not included.


Risk Free Merchant

Risk Free Merchant believes in a boutique styled approach when working with each of our valued merchants. We are truly committed to providing the highest level of service in order to build long term relationships with our clients.

About Us

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We Offer CBD Merchant Accounts

CBD Merchant Accounts

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Our Features

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Limitless Payment Options

Call our dedicated support team to discuss the many ways that we can help improve your business.

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We Know How to Help You

As a boutique payment processor, we are creative in finding you the most affordable solutions.

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It's About Who You Know

Become our client and grow your business by using our connections to excel your business forward.

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Referrals Are Greatly Rewarded

We believe in sharing revenue with the people who help us grow. Call to become a partner today.