Merchant account for Cannabis dispensaries

Requirements for E-Comm

Requirements for e-comm Webstore Merchant Account approvals and list of supporting documents needed.

Please be sure your website contains the following information:

Your merchant account approval may be delayed if we do not have a complete package. The following are the Credit Card Companies requirements to accept payments online


  1. Privacy Policy.
  2. Terms and conditions.
  3. A detailed return and refund policy.
    (Instructions on how to perform a return must be explained.)
  4. Contact Page. Should contain the companies phone number and email address. A physical address or Post Office Box will be needed to accept returns if your business offers returns or exchanges.


  1. Voided permanent printed check or a bank account verification letter. This must be on the bank’s letterhead, and include the name of the account, account and routing numbers and MUST be signed by a banker.
  2. Drivers license for each signer. Passports are accepted with most accounts. Must be a USA citizen or legal to be in the USA with supporting documents. May not apply to International accounts.
  3. Last 3 months of bank account statements for your business checking account matching the voided check. (Please supply 3 months of personal checking account statements if business account is new)
  4. Last 3 months of previous Merchant Account Processing Statements from your current or previous processor if applicable.
  5. (One of the following proof of addresses), Business License, Seller's Permit, or Utility bill showing the business name and address.

Credit Card Interchange Cost!

Risk Free Merchant is on a mission to help you eliminate the burden of the cost of accepting credit cards! Our Dual Pricing program offsets these costs, by providing a discount for customers who pay in cash. Sign up is easy; display signage in your store, and there's no line item on the receipt.

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*Equipment & monthly fees not included.