Zero Fees Processing

Eliminate Your Merchant Services Fees with Dual Pricing!

Boost Your Business with Smart Savings! In recent years, credit card fees have climbed, squeezing small businesses. Embrace Dual Pricing, the savvy solution to slash or say goodbye to these fees. Offer your customers the power of choice with distinct cash and credit prices. It's a smart strategy already fueling savings at gas stations nationwide for years. Join the movement to keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your business!

Navigate the rising tides of credit card fees with Dual Pricing! Tailored for small businesses feeling the pinch, our program empowers you to dramatically reduce or even erase credit card processing costs. With Dual Pricing, present your customers with transparent cash and credit pricing options, giving them the freedom to choose. This innovative approach has been part of the merchant processing landscape for years, with U.S. gas stations leading the way. Step into the future of payment flexibility and keep your profits soaring!"

Expand Your Payment Horizons with Dual Pricing! Historically, many businesses couldn't leverage Dual Pricing due to POS system limitations. But not anymore! With advancements in technology, Dual Pricing is now a viable option for all, including retailers and restaurants. Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of calculating transaction costs. Embrace simplicity and transparency in payment processing.

Dual Pricing is now within reach, inviting you to join a world where flexibility meets financial savvy.

Who Can Benefit from Dual Pricing? 

Perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses, Dual Pricing shines in settings where customer interactions are face-to-face, like retail stores and eateries.

Business Perks

Business Perks

  • Wave goodbye to the worry of payment acceptance costs.
  • Retain full profit on sales as if every transaction was in cash.
  • Advanced POS systems effortlessly separate and tally cash and credit transactions, bypassing monthly credit card fees.
customer Advantages

Customer Advantages

  • Enjoy the freedom of choice between cash and credit pricing.
  • Keep prices low and fair, avoiding across-the-board hikes.
  • Appreciate transparent pricing that puts purchasing power back in your hands.

The Dual Pricing Mechanism

  • You set a cash price for each item or SKU.
  • Simply add 4% to establish the credit price.

Let the POS or credit card terminal do the math for you – e.g., a $20 shirt remains $20 in cash or becomes $20.80 with credit.

Dual Pricing is more than a feature; it's a strategy to empower both business owners and customers with choice and clarity.

Choose Risk Free Merchant for your payment needs and make a smart investment in your business's future.

Discover the simplicity of Dual Pricing — where payment processing costs cease to be a concern for business owners. With Dual Pricing, you'll pocket full profits as if every transaction was in cash, while we handle all processing and program fees. Forget about the typical fees that come with payment processing — PCI compliance, batch headers, transaction, and statement fees are all included in one straightforward rate, eliminating any financial surprises.

Your customers will experience a seamless checkout process, as your POS system smartly tallies both the regular and cash prices. Upon selecting their preferred payment method, an itemized receipt with the accurate prices is printed, ensuring transparency and satisfaction with every transaction. Dual Pricing isn't just a choice, it's a strategic advantage for your business.

Embrace financial freedom and customer choice with Dual Pricing — it's like every payment is made in cash:

Say goodbye to contract constraints.

Benefit from complimentary equipment options.

Simplify the checkout process with clear receipts.

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Positively impact your profits.

Our Team

Recurring Monthly or Annual Fees

Our Team

Stressing Over Fluctuating Processing Costs

Our Team

Additional Fees for Statements, Batch Headers & PCI Compliance

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Being Tied Down by Contract Commitments

Step into a world where payment processing is straightforward, and every transaction adds to your bottom line, hassle-free.

So go ahead, offer Dual Pricing with confidence—it's backed by law and card association guidelines.

No Monthly Fees

You will receive a monthly statement showing your savings and what you would have paid with another company, but with zero fee processing it will never cost you a dime.

No Batch Fees

Why should you be charged for closing out at the end of the business day? Batch out as much as you like, it doesn't cost a dime.

No Swipe Fees

This is a considerable cost for most merchants. With Shift, you will never be charged to swipe a card. You'll never have to use a minimum purchase required sign ever again.

No Interchange Fees

We pay the interchange fees so you don't have to. Interchange makes up almost 90% of processing fees. With Shift, expect to pay nothing.

No Rate Increases

Your rate is zero, and it will never increase with the Shift Free Processing Solution. You'll never have to haggle with companies over rates ever again.

Next Day Funding

Put your hard earned money to work faster. With a 11pm eastern cutoff have your money the next business day.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There are Plenty More!

Credit Card Interchange Cost!

Risk Free Merchant is on a mission to help you eliminate the burden of the cost of accepting credit cards! Our Dual Pricing program offsets these costs, by providing a discount for customers who pay in cash. Sign up is easy; display signage in your store, and there's no line item on the receipt.

You don't need to be approved! An addendum is added, your program updated and done. That simple!

*Equipment & monthly fees not included.